Pompom’s Christmas production log by Daniel Beaudry

2017-11-15 (18:30pm)

Here’s Pompom an animated character that will be part of a Christmas short animation i’m building. Not sure it will be done for Xmas, but I will give it a shot considering the complex nature of the task! Well, here goes nothing. Pompom is the main character of the short “Pompom’s Christmas” he’s a lovable, cuddly kitten that will certainly entertain the heck out of you, especially when he loses his temper on Christmas eve’s night.

An unknown invader enters Pompom’s house to warm up from a cold winter frosty night, he acknowledges Pompom’s cosy environment and is willing to sacrifice anything to stay inside. Pompom loves Christmas, and is not considering sharing his toys with the mysterious invader!

Here are two images showing the ongoing modeling process building this fantastic 3D model, hope you like where this is going. Will be back soon with new stuff…


2017-11-16 (10:30am)

Pompom is the name of our family cat so I think it would be cool to create a real word attachment to this animation. In french, he is named “Pompon” same meaning. I searched the web for the word “Pompom” and landed upon really cute images of fluffy knit cats created from yarn… will look into this. And I think that Pompom is a well suited name that represents a cosy and fluffy ball of cuteness. Here is a photo of my cat, he’s such an inspiration!

2017-11-17 (4:20pm)

Pompom’s teeth are in production today. I have done a few tweaks on the overall body of the character. His silhouette is in a better shape now and I brought back some muscle volume.

2017-11-21 (3:25pm)

Still needs work inside the mouth, but I am very happy with the results! I will start modeling the mysterious trespasser that enters Pompom’s house. See you soon!

2017-11-28 (6:52pm)

Worked on Pompom’s shape, he has a smaller body, better anatomy and I did put some hours on the topology so that animation is smoother. The face topology really got a face lift, I think it will be easier to animate in these conditions.

2017-11-30 (4:09pm)

Yep, look more like a cat now… The upper jaw line has been moved up and his ears look better now I think. The side hairs (on Pompom’s cheeks) will be added with 3dstudio max’s hair and fur.

2017-12-01 (2:21pm)

Still worked on Pompom, now this is more like it!!!

2017-12-05 (3:09pm)

First test with 3dstudio max’s hair system… Will need to work on the grooming and overall materials and still missing whiskers!