Can’t beat the invisible threat, but we can try!

This has certainly been a heck of a ride, the new norms of sanitation, the old work habits are gone for good, the uncertain future of business, no one is safe! Pulling ourselves together, working from home and keeping our kids out of school in safe distance from this invisible threat…

Ok, that is just enough complaining, we gotta get back to business, the economy has waited long enough. I am grateful that some clients of mine have procured me with work in the field of essential services, that is dog and cat food products! Heck they need to eat too.

I have witnessed giants reinventing their product lines to help the frontline workers in desperate need of protective gear and acts of heroism shown only by Hollywood in the past. I wanted to thank those human beings, without these acts a greatness, my family would not have been safe

Stay safe!

Daniel Beaudry (President Zen Images), Zen Images